Write Your Book

After completing our planning process, you are ready to start writing your manuscript one topic at a time. You will meet with your writing coach weekly to follow your customized writing plan. Your coach is your accountability partner who is there to provide guidance and direction.

This first step in writing your ExpertBook™ is the act of putting down on paper all the information you have for each section of your book without regard to what the final product will look like. You will capture all your thoughts and ideas on paper to create the first draft of your book manuscript.

Learning to write well takes time and dedicated commitment; it’s a teachable craft.

During the “writing” phase you will:

Create a draft manuscript working from your ExpertBook™ design and writing plan
Approach writing as a journey, celebrating the completion of each segment
Communicate weekly with your book writing coach to share your successes and challenges
Receive professional and peer editorial suggestions
Revise your manuscript many times until it conveys your message perfectly
There are three writing approaches to consider: writing your book yourself, hiring a ghostwriter, or a combination. You will determine the best approach for you during the planning phase. Either way, your writing plan is the blueprint for becoming a published author.

The Result: A well-written manuscript that conveys the expertise you’ve developed throughout your professional life.


Publish Your Book…