Plan Your Book

Planning your ExpertBook™ is the most vital process in creating a well-written, transformational book. Embracing this step will give you clarity, confidence and commitment.

Planning reduces writing anxiety and confusion because you know what to do each day. Planning supports you to consistently move forward to achieve credibility as an expert in your field, improve your professional visibility and increase your business revenue through authorship.

Spend time upfront clarifying your book’s purpose, planning its content, and breaking your book writing project down into individual, manageable writing tasks.

During the “planning” phase you will:

  • Complete a proven curriculum to illuminate the content of your book
  • Communicate weekly with your book writing strategist
  • Describe the content and chapter outline of your book
  • Record up to four (4) hours of your book’s content through ExpertBook™ Interviews
  • Receive a verbatim transcript of the ExpertBook™ interviews
  • Identify potential obstacles/challenges and how to overcome them
  • Determine the unique writing schedule and practices that support your success
  • Receive a customized book design and writing plan to guide you through the writing and publishing process—from manuscript to marketing
  • Know where to start writing and how to recognize when the project is complete
  • The Result: A customized, easy-to-follow writing plan and publishing strategy.

Write Your Book…