About LegacyONE Authors

LegacyONE Authors is a self-publishing consulting company that leads business experts to increase their credibility, visibility and profits through authorship. Our greatest strength is helping authors create an engaging manuscript that reflects their professional knowledge and expertise—their ExpertBook™.

Often, prospective authors seek guidance about how to get their book published, even before writing their first word. Publishing is the easy part—and final phase—of creating a book. We direct authors to focus on the most important and often overlooked aspect of beginning to write—planning.

An emphasis on planning each book project is the key to LegacyONE Authors success. Since 2001, owner Karen Lynn Maher has worked to perfect a planning process that results in a thorough, customized writing and publishing strategy for each project.

A proven planning curriculum, a simple writing system and a network of quality publishing experts, we guide our clients through the entire publishing process—from writing the manuscript through marketing their well-written, beautifully designed ExpertBook™.

Because we’ve spent time upfront creating a thorough project blueprint, Authors confidently write their book using a deliberate, structured approach designed around their personal and professional priorities.

Simple, Rewarding, and Fun! These are the words that describe the experience of working with LegacyONE Authors


About Karen Lynn Maher

KarenLynnMaher - Self Publishing Expert

Karen Lynn Maher is a leading authority on writing and self-publishing expert nonfiction. With an English degree from Seattle University and 15 years in corporate communications, Maher founded LegacyONE Authors to help business professionals with the process of writing books. Since 2001, she’s developed more than 50 authors, guiding them from concept to published book. Maher travels the country, sharing how books are a powerful tool for business development. She’s the author of ExpertBook Planning Made Simple: The Best Ever Guide to Writing Your Book, and co-author of ExpertBook Marketing Made Simple: Publicizing and Promoting Your Book.